You can’t really see it but I’m the 1st picture is our garden with expansion. While our current plot creates beautiful fall greens. I’ve started to weed the it we are getting so we can shut it down for
the winter to have a more productive spring. Im exited about the expansion but it also is a bit daunting.

Plants featured: winter squash, sweet peas, bed of greens and beans


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Busy busy busy day in the garden. Pulled out 2 dead tomato plants and removed cages. Pulled three summer squash to make room for other plants. They were impressively massive. Still producing: corn, 1 tomato, 1 squash, peppers, and cucumber plants. Planted today or recently: chard, carrots, parsley, winter squash, and peas.

I’m super excited about the success of the summer to fall planting transition.

This is the second day in a row where I got up early to tend to he garden. It’s a busy week of after work commitments and I’m determined to keep this going strong through the fall.

Picture 1 is a picture of Seymore the cucumber plant(s) taking down acorn stalk. My intense cluster of cucumber is climbing a my tomato cages, asparagus, squash plants and asparagus. And in this case it took down acorn stalk.

Picture 2 is the cucumber collective.

Picture 3 is the city of squash. The first yeAr we did this it like died overnight. So far this isn’t the case. We are fighting a little mold on the leaves. But it’s still producing. I think if it continues to stay healthy we will have between 50-75 pieces of squash .

All this rain and heat has done my garden some good. Tomatoes are doing their thing. Squash and cucumber plant look like they are starting to produce fruit!!! Oh and our sweet pea seedlings have come in.


Fruits of our labor

Garden update

More beans, cucumbers, and radishes planted. Radishes harvested. Things generally look happy.