So…… For about the past two years I have been a daily weigher. I might actually get on the scale 2 times a day. I was seeing progress it made me happy. I know… i know. Its bad and it doesn’t matter. blah blah blah. But it did to me. 

It matter even more to me when the numbers started to tick upward. I had gained 10 lbs. I have no way of really know if that 10 lbds is fat or muscle I suspect its both. Over the past few months my gains lifting have gone through the roof so I know the muscle is there. But I also know pants i bought last December don’t button comfortably.  So this started to weigh on my mind (no pun intended). 

I mentioned this to my therapist and she challenged me to give-up the scale. So I did. I brought it to her office today and left there. Its been part of my routine for so long I feel a little lost without it. 

So since i have lost my one true goal barometer I am going to turn to you tumblr to try and note how I feel, how things are fitting, and how I am coping without the evil scale. 

Thanks world. 

Best part of teleworking

Best part of teleworking

Paleo Challenge Test Week

Today kicks off my crossfit box’s 8 week nutrition challenge. Many of us are choosing to participate in paleo/primal eating as our primary method of nutrition.  This week hasn’t been as bad as in the past. The biggest challenge has been keeping away from our candy dish, not enjoying work cake or catered lunch italian food with cookies. 

Feeling good through. I have such a hard time just having one of anything. So I am really embracing the nothing… in all or nothing. We will see how this continues. 

So the great fight to loose fat and gain strength continues. 

On that note. I hit a 3RM @ 260#. This happened when I thought I was squatting 170# my surprise was when the bar was soooo heavy. But I squatted it anyways only to step back to realize I miscalculated a “little” bit. 

The next 3 weeks will be a challenge. This Saturday the Whips are bouting ScareForce. Then I am competing in Ironmill’s D-Day Strongman Powerlifting event. Finally, the Whip’s are bouting the DemonCats. 

WIth all the physical intensity eating nutritiously, drinking a ton of water and getting plenty of rest will be key!

Made a roulade! Butchered butter flying the flank steak! No worries I can patch that. #meatsurgery #paleo #kitchencludge

Made a roulade! Butchered butter flying the flank steak! No worries I can patch that. #meatsurgery #paleo #kitchencludge

Resolutions…. or not

I have been asked a lot the past few days about what my new years resolutions are. Well the answer is I didn’t really have any.  What few resolutions I make, I usually make at or around my birthday. Sort of a, resolution for my next year. 

However, after some thought here are some broad stroke themes I hope to keep to during 2014. 

Continue to maintain a derby/life balance. As 2013 came to an end, I worked more at making sure that I was prioritizing life and more importantly time with Justin better than I did in the beginning of the year. This required a conscience effort but is totally worth it. 

Embrace change. Life is an amazing journey and sometimes things don’t go as planned. Or they go exactly as planned. This year I look forward to taking change by the horns and keeping a positive attitude. 

Continue to push myself in derby and with my strength training. In 2013 I really started to ‘train’ strength rather than just do what was in the WOD. I really want to continue to try to push forward with that. In 2014 I would like to achieve a 200 bench, 300 squat, and a 400 deadlift. I am 50 pounds or less from achieving all of these. So we will see what happens. As for derby, I just want to keep doing the best that I can and pushing myself to get faster and to enhance my agility. 

Continue to improve my relationship with food. I enjoy how I feel when I keep a paleo diet. However, I also go to food for comfort. And I have a hard time finding comfort with paleo food. So hopefully in 2014 I will find ways of managing all of the above. 

What I do when there’s no practice


As this thanksgiving comes to a close I will throw out a few things I’m thankful for. This is not an all exclusive list:

- fantastically amazing supportive husband
- healthy family
- our home
- access to food
- roller derby
- everyone who has supported me in derby
- a job
- great student staff
- finding CFA and strength sports - and the people who support me in this craziness
- heathy fur babies
- amazing, unique, talented, friends. - we don’t talk as often as we should but I love you! Allison, Jessica, Jessica, Eliza, Elaine, Megan, & others
- being a majority whip, I love my teammates